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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance sel checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. >> announcer: and now, from washington's lding news station, this is news4 at 11. right now at 11:00, other devastation for miles, even the basics are hard to come by three
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days after hurricane sandy roared ashore. a dramatic takedown. a virginia man wanted for a spring of pipe bombings found thousands of miles from the crime scene. >> he's a sociopath that needs help. only on news4, a woman stabbed more than 25 times sends a warning to her attacker. fatigue and frustration are growing tonight as the cleanup continues after hurricane sandy. >> the death toll stands at 90 now with millionses of people still in the dark. jay gray has more from toms river, new jersey. >> reporter: troops and heavy equipment continue to move into the strike zone. >> we're in the triage and attack phase now of the storm. >> reporter: the tattered road to recovery littered with debris and the splintered and twisted remnants of so many lives before the storm. >> every single person on this block has lost.
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>> reporter: there are chances for hope. charging stations provide a lifeline. the subway in new york is slowly coming back online. as officials race to get ready for the famed marathon this weekends, though some are frustrated, saying it's too soon after sandy and a waste of valuable resources. >> the city of new york right now is talking about getting water out of the battery tunnel and preparing for a marathon. we're pulling bolds out of the water. you see the disconnect here? >> reporter: in some of the hardest hit communities like seaside heights just over this bridge, the water may be gone, but with residents still locked out, the anger is clearly rising. >> we've got -- nowhere else. talk to the press, the rest of the homeowners. >> the gas man is what we're scared of. gas mains are --
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>> i don't care about a house. i rather care about your life. >> reporter: millions of lives forever changed by sandy. jay gray, nbc news, toms river, new jersey. it's a double dose of disappointment for people looking for gasoline after the storm. drivers stuck in line for hours waiting to fill up. as jim rosenfield reports, some stations with plenty of fuel can't even sell it. >> reporter: with power still out here and so many other gas stations around many parts of new jerseyed and other parts of the tri-state, suddenly people are having to devote hours in search of a fill-up. how long have you been waiting? >> this is my second trip. i was here this morning to get gas for my pickup and generator. i'm here right now probably about 20, 25 minutes. >> you're on "e," pal will. >> yeah. i got 21 miles left. fortunately the gas pump's probably a mile. >> this is for my generator. just enough to keep my
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refrigerator the going and couple of appliances here and there i may need. >> reporter: here in ft. lee, this line about 45-minute wait, and that's not bad if you look around elsewhere, the lines are a lot longer. this station here is pumping gas because it has a generator. >> it's nuts. nuts. i tried all over the bronx to get gas, and there was nowhere near me. >> reporter: governor christie insists this is more of a power than supply issue. officials here also say voting on tuesday shouldn't be a problem, even at polling places without power, department of defense trucks will be outside those polling places so people can cast paper ballots inside those trucks. in ma nauky, new jersey, jim rosenfield, news4. a man from virginia was wanted for a string of pipe bombs, arrested today in montana. as new details about the alleged attacks come to like, shomari stone is in stafford county with more.
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>> reporter: well, the stafford county sheriff tells me the suspect also threw pipe bombs during a two-mile chase at police in montana. they tried to stop him because they say he had a stolen tag. well, tonight he's in jail. tonight, 25-year-old lawrence stewart ii is behind bars in montana. >> we've taken it very personal. >> reporter: stafford county chief says stewart drove to the northwest after bombing his ex-girlfriend's home. a sheriff's detective's house and a home believed to belong to a deputy. >> this is a detective and deputy who was targeted, they and their families, as a result of just doing their jobs. >> reporter: the crime spree started nd fredericksburg, 4:00 tuesday morning. this is it the former home of a sheriff's deputy. investigators tell me stewart threw a pipe bomb in the front window, shattering glass, damaging three rooms and scaring a woman and dog. >> any idea why he was in montana? >> well, we do know that he fled the area directly after the bombings. and we feel that he was trying
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to gain as much distance from virginia as possible. >> reporter: stewart was wanted for indecent exposure and violation of protective order his grirl friend filed. the deputy and detective were investigating the case and stewart retaliated. while he was on the run, the sheriff's department and atf office raided his mobile home. >> come in here and busted the window out. >> reporter: before the bombings, investigators believe stewart posted his frustrations in this blog. quote, my ex will not be happy until she has taken everything from me. she already took my dog and now she is trying to take my freedom. i have no recourse against her lies without first being arrested and sitting in a cell. well, tonight he is in a cell and no word on when he'll be transported back here to virginia to face charges. live in stafford, i'm shomari stone, news4. an update to a story we brought you last night at 11:00.
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this is near gallaudet university in d.c. officials don't know what started the fire. the internal layout of the century-old building made it dangerous to fight the fire from the inside. cameras mounted in buses have now recorded bus operators nodding off 68 times over the last two years. these cameras are triggered when a bus hits something or makes a sudden stop. drowsy driving accounted for less than 1% of the drive cam incidents. metro says, though, one instance of driver fatigue is too many. the cameras they say helps the agency takes action. the drivers caught sleeping were ordered to undergo medical tests before they got back to the job. two more suspects tied to nine violent attacks at eastern market are now in custody. police announced the arrest of two men today, three others already in custody. one of the attacks in august left a young father thomas mazz lan in a coma for six days and
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blind in one eye. tonight a woman stabbed more than 25 times and then left for dead is getting stronger. as she recovers, she wants her attacker caught so other women won't have to face him. pat collins has this report. >> he asked me, do you want to die? and i said, no, he was like, okay, because i don't have that much to live for. >> reporter: we call will her valerie. we've concealed her face and her real identity. when you hear her story, you'll understands it why. i spoke to her at the hospital where she's still recovering. valerie's 24 years old. she has two master's degrees from carnegie. last summer she got an apartment here at rhode island row. she moved to d.c. to begin a consulting career. but what happened to her last friday has changed her life forever. it was about 2:00 in the afternoon. valerie was working from home.
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there was repeated knocking at her door. she opened it to see who it was. it was a man promising a party. he forced his way in. there was an attempted sexual assault and then an attempted murder. >> he started stabbing me and kicking my face in. and i was just fighting as best as i could, you know. i don't remember that much following that, but i know he was just stabbing me everywhere over and over again. >> reporter: the suspect photographed by security cameras, the pictures are clear. and from her hospital room, valerie pleas for someone to tell police the name of this man. >> he's a sociopath that needs had help.
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i don't want him to hurt anybody else. >> reporter: in northeast, i'm pat collins, news4. temperatures dipped down into the 30s tonight, storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer tells us what we can expect in the days ahead. >> it will a cool period, maybe even the next week. 39 in manassas and culpeper, 49 in washington, 45 in gaithersburg and the numbers will will go down about another 5 to 7 maybe 8 degrees in some areas. so it's going to be a very cool start. something else we've been seeing, shower activity, not showers here, this is that ground clutter we're talking about. shower up here toward north and east of frederick and more shower on the chesapeake, including an arundle county, st. mary's county, all moving out of the way. what's moving in? the pattern is set for a potential coastal storm. we're going to watch this as it makes its way up the coast. what is it going to do? i'll have the latest on the
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storm and what it may bring to us and new york city, coming up. up next, she hit the jackpot, but one lottery winner was just days away from losing the whole $23 million prize. also, a chance to live the american dream. we'll report on why many are waiting until after the election to take advantage of the opportunity. and one of the moist anticipated races on d.c. streets, it's the annual high
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hurricane sandy forced a temporary delay in the presidential campaign. but with only five days to go now, things are back in full swing. tonight president oba made his last stop of the evening in boulder, colorado, after hitting wisconsin and nevada today. the president says voters have a clear choice between two fundamentally versions of america. >> mitt romney made three stops in virginia today. he finished with a rally in virginia beach. romney promised to work with democrats if elected. he says it is crucial to work with both sides of congress. >> tomorrow is the last day for early voting in maryland, long lines continue to polling places in prince george's and mont comy counties. according to the "baltimore sun" more than 267,000 maryland residents have voted early so far. that's nearly 50,000 more than in 2010. >> this summer president obama offered undocumented immigrants to live and work without the fear of foration. but months later, only a
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fraction of those eligible have applied. erika gonzalez takes a closer look at the potential drawbacks and the process. >> when it came in the mail, just of excitement. >> reporter: this is the face of deferred action. >> get my bachelor's, then get a job, work my way up hopefully and some day be able to be the boss. >> reporter: and this is the card that goes with it, the work permit that enables undocumented immigrants like 19-year-old peruvian native danielo to apply for a driver's license, social security card and even in-state tuitioning in some areas. it's a big deal. >> it is. >> reporter: but not everyone is taking advantage. according to u.s. citizenship and immigration services, nearly 5,000 people have been approved in record time. but of the 1.7 million undocumented immigrants under the age of 30 that could
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potentially qualify, fewer than 180,000 have applied? why? >> there is certain uncertainty as to what will happen with a new administration if president obama is not reelected. >> reporter: another major concern for unauthorized immigrants, the fact that their personal information would be in the hands of the government that could potentially deport them. however, immigration services has said that unless these individuals pose a tletd to national security or have ai criminal history, their information will not be used against them. and while people like daniel will emerge from the shadows and finally be seen he still won't be heard. >> not a path to citizenship. >> exactly. or residency. it's not. >> reporter: this is just -- >> a temporary fix until congress gets its act together and can actually fix the broken immigration system. >> erika gonzalez, news4. >> tomorrow california lottery officials will reveal the name
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of a woman who nearly lost a $23 million jackpot. the woman bought the winning ticket for her mother back in may. according to "the los angeles times," she both forgot about the ticket until lottery officials published this photo and the daughter saw herself in the paper this week. the ticket was in her glove compartment the whole time. jackpot was set to expire in three weeks, at which point all 23 million would have gone to the california school system. oh, my goodness! >> close call. >> ma, you see that lotto ticket? no, honey, i'm not sure. okay. that's cool. >> i cannot imagine what it would feel like to know you almost, almost messed up on $23 million. >> right. kind of cold out there tonight, doug. >> it's chilly. it is. that's the way it's going to be for the next couple of days, maybe, as i mentioned, the next two weeks potentially. out there right now, let's take a look, for the record, look at this, a beautiful shot, the
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world war ii monument as well as the washington monumen great shot out there this evening. photographer chris kerwin getting this for us earlier tonight. yes, on the cool side, the flags blowing in the wind as you look down towards the capitol, those flags blowing as a result of a breeze, making it feel even cooler. 52 degrees the temperature right now, 43 the low this morning. the average high 63 so we're more than it 10 degrees below average. look down here, what's next? well, what's next could be a potential coastal system. talk about that in a second. 49 at th$49 at the airport, win the west 7 miles an hour, giving us a little bit of a windchill across the area. some locations sitting in the mid-30s for the windchill, most in the 40s. actual temperature 43 in winchester, culpeper clearing skies so it's going to cool quicker, 37, right now 50 in annapolis, that with cloud cover and shower activity.
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look at the shower activity over the last hour. a few sprinkles around the district about an hour and a half ago. those are moving through the chesapeake, through annapolis, and down into portions of southern st. mary's river. what are we going to see? as far as the rain is concerned, we won't see much in terms of rain. look at the clearing skies behind this system. but there's yet another system on the heels that's going to come through this area during the day tomorrow. we'll start off i think with sunshine, mostly cloudy skies but at least some sun. i think we'll see sunshine during the day tomorrow that will make it feel a little better. still will be on the cool side, plenty of breezy conditions tomorrow, too. not just breezy but cool and breezy. the sun will help a little bit so hopefully see more sunshine than clouds. with that breeze, an extra chill. a jacket a necessity during the day tomorrow. saturday a little breezy, but i do think we'll see more sunshine as our trough finally pulls out of here. that storm that sandy helped to
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bring us, a deep trough of pressure over the east coast, starting to exit the area. but it's still here, the trough itself, and that has the pattern set for a possible coastal storm late next week. or at least the middle of next week. here is the trough we have. later next week, we'll watch the trough deepen to the south and then an area of low pressure form along it, potentially moving up the coast. this is key. if it moves from the gulf of mexico through ur area, this could be a potent storm, maybe even a nor'easter, afking washington and also new york city. hopefully it will stay off the coast. we have about six days to watch it, and you know we'll keep you ahead of the storm right here on nbc 4. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, continued cold, 34 to 40 degrees. you'll see the numbers in t mid-50s in the afternoon. breezy and chilly saturday and sunday, partly sunny skies, not a bad weekend but cold.
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monday, tuesday looking okay as we get out to vote hopefully on tuesday, should be fine. watching that possible storm on wednesday, it could possibly affect us as early as tuesday. but right now i think it will be wednesday into early thursday and it does look like we will would get at least something out of it. we'll continue to watch it for you. >> let us know, will you? >> yes, i will. >> thank you, doug.
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>> announcer: this is it the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. game coming up really does matter. >> absolutely. i think this could be what they call the tipping point game for
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the redskins this year. they're favored over the 1-6 panthers sunday, but the panthers aren't as bad as their record indicates. carolina has been in every single game except one so this will not be an easy game for the skins. familiar refrain in the locker room this week, it's all about us. the redskins played so poorly against the steelers they didn't give themselves a chan to win. if the redskins can catch the ball and get a few defensive stops, they may be able to stop the bleeding in what has turned into a must-win game sunday. mike shanahan wants to see veterans like deandro hall set a better example for the young fellows. >> this is where normally football teams are taken over by their veterans. or you can go one direction or another. you expect these guys to play at a higher level. you expect the experienced guys to get the homost out of the players who are younger and not
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played at the highest level they can. it's step up or shut up. >> it's a must-win situation. we have to win by any means necessary. we want to definitely go into the bye with a good taste in our mouth. >> at this point, all of our goals are in front of us. we still have five division games left to play, and a lot can happen in eight games. >> you know, before the season started virginia tech was ranked 16th in the country. they were thinking conferences championship. tonight the hokies got a hurricane-size dose of harsh reality, thumped by miami, virginia tech sits at 4-5 and must win two of the last three to become bowl eligible. tech and miami's seasons both disappointing. first quarter, no score, uh-oh, bad snap and the punt is fwloked. miami recovers and for a team that takes great pride in special teams, frank beamer
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certainly not beaming after that play. miami capitalizes, the touchdown. hokies down 7-0. then in the second quarter, now 14-3, tech quarterback logan thomas with the keeper right up the gut and dare i say nobody in sight. 73 yards for the touchdown. the 16th rushing touchdown of his career, more than former hokie michael vick. thomas had 120 yards on the ground but he was inconsistent through the air. miami wins in a rout 30-12, the final. >> maryland soccer ranked number 1 in the country, lost for the first time in 17 matches, falling to wake forest 4-2. let's hit the helipad. now back to miami, the marlins hired mike redman to be their new manager, a former catcher who once played for the marlins. patriots traded with tampa bay
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for corner back aqib talib. he has one game left on a four-game expense due to pfrmance enhancing substances. the city of london wants more football. american football. the mayor there currently in talks with the nfl to play games in the olympic stadium. and some believe that eventually london will get a full-time nfl team, something the nfl would really like to see. >> really? >> yeah. >> wow! >> it's only a -
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better late than never for a halloween tradition here in d.c. a two-day delay for the annual dupont circle high heel race did not stop a huge crowd from coming out. now, it was supposed to happen last tuesday but it was postponed because of the storm. the heels, the makeup, overall pageantry was bold and colorful as ever. this is the 26th
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- jamie lee curtis. from the world series champions, san francisco giants, sergio romo and

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